Wix – An Amazing Website design tool for non-techies

Wix – An Amazing Website design tool for non-techies

Since it was first released, Wix has gained a huge following, with over 200 million users globally as of 2022. Its popularity is mainly due to how easy it is to use, anybody can design an amazing website using Wix.

Normally, one had to have coding skills to create websites or go through steep learning curve for tools like WordPress or Webflow .

With Wix, anyone can create professional-looking websites or blog. 

Wix is a great all-in-one website builder that allows to create smooth, optimized, and modern-looking websites. It’s popular among small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers, especially non-techies

If you’re planning on building a website without a huge budget, save time and avoiding too much of learning and troubleshooting, then look no further than the affordable plans offered by Wix.

You can build your business the way you want using Wix website builder. 

Every website includes enterprise-grade infrastructure, free reliable web hosting, round-the-clock maintenance, and fully managed security.

With Wix, customizable templates and thousands of design options, you can bring your vision to life. You can also add your own code to create total design control.

Wix provides a broad range of built-in eCommerce and business solutions, including SEO and marketing tools, to help bring more visitors to your site.

It comes with hundreds of pre-designed templates and a variety of in-demand features, such as built-in Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s have a dive deep into Wix to get a thorough understanding of all its features, pricing and capabilities.

Let’s get started!

Wix Core Features

Website Templates and Builder

There are built in editors that we can use with Wix to create websites.

The Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), for instance, is a great tool for people who are new to website building. It takes a few minutes to build a basic site, you feed the technology some information about what your website should include and some personal design preferences.

Then, in a matter of minutes, Wix ADI creates a professional-looking site tailor-made to your needs.

The standard editor allows you to customize a specific template for your website or you get access to its robust library of website templates. You can modify them as much as you want, the process is called “dragging and dropping”, and save them as your own “designs”.

One of the best features of Wix ADI is its ease of use. In fact, it is so intuitive that you do not even need any previous experience with website builders.

Wix ADI is perfect for both the technically-savvy and non-technical crowd.. You can start using the ADI or move to the standard editor whenever you want. Both can be used to enable or disable a mobile-optimized version of your website.

With editor, you can easily add or remove content, customize fonts, and add or delete sections of your site. The drag-and-drop functionality, makes it much easier to customize your site without any coding knowledge.


A good blog is more than just a collection of posts by a blogger. It’s also a place where readers can gather to share their thoughts and ideas, and it allows them to become part of the community.

With Wix, you can start, grow, and manage a personal or successful business blog.

It comes with everything you need to create and manage a blog, including a drag-and-drop editor and multiple built-in social media and SEO tools that can help you grow and manage your audience and organic traffic as well.

You can create and edit posts, delete comments, and manage your blog from anywhere using your mobile device. You can also add categories to your blog so that readers can easily explore the various topics that you’re passionate about.

With the search capability, you can easily find anything that you’re looking for by searching for a post, a member, or a hashtag.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to style your text with various features such as bullet points, quotes, and links.

It also allows you to align and size your images and videos to look exactly how you want. Create multiple writers for your blog and let them manage comments and posts.

Wix Pricing and Plans

As a beginner you can start with Wix’s free plan, it has all the features to create a website and also comes with 500MB of cloud storage. Only ting is that you cannot connect your domain and Wix logo is embedded on the website.

To avail all the features and use your custom domain, you will be required to purchase a paid plan

For a more professional website that can provide you with more features and customization, then a paid plan is the best choice. Wix offers four basic plans that start at $16 to $45 monthly. All of these plans come with a free SSL Certificate and secure webhosting features.

Wix eCommerce & Business Plans

You’ll need to choose one any of Wix’s eCommerce or Business plans if you wish to sell products or receive payments online. There are three different plans that you can choose from, and they all come with online payments and customer accounts.

Wix Enterprise Plans

Large websites that need a customized solution can opt for an enterprise plan, which comes with a variety of features and options. You’ll need to work with Wix representatives to create a custom plan that fits your needs.

Wix Ease of Use

The main highlight of Wix is its ease of use, even if you’re not an expert in website building, It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to add, remove, and move elements from your page without having to code a single line of code.

Additionally, it comes with online security and hosting.

Wix Security

All of the websites that are hosted by Wix are PCI compliant, which means that they meet the security requirements of credit card companies. Additionally, they have a team of experts that monitor their servers 24 hours a day to prevent potential threats.

Wix Customer Support and Service

All of the paid plans of Wix come with 24-hour customer support. To contact support, you’ll need to log in to your account. You can also use the company’s self-service center to get help.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix ADI allows you to create a professional website in just a couple of minutes. Its design templates are based on the information that you provide, such as your business name, location, and industry.

SEO Tools

With the help of a built-in SEO tool, you can easily optimize your website for Google and other search engines. This tool walks you through the steps of optimizing your site so that it will rank well for search engines.

The built-in SEO tool comes with various features, such as a variety of meta tags and canonical tags. It can also help you improve the efficiency of your website by automatically converting all images to WebP, which helps speed up your site’s load time.

One of the coolest features of the tool is its ability to create site logic.

The built-in SEO tool can also help you manage all of your SEO data across multiple pages. With the help of Velo APIs, you can customize the client-side code and override the default settings.

Plug-Ins and Integrations

You can easily add more functionality and features to your website with the help of the hundreds of apps that are available on its App Market.

Some of these include social media tools, contact forms, and live chat. You can also integrate other popular business applications such as Shippo, Mailchimp, Google AdSense, and QuickBooks.

Mobile App

You can manage your website on the go, with the help of the Wix mobile app, that’s available for both Android and iOS. It can help you create and manage new content, track orders, and provide sales and coupons.


All of the paid plans at Wix come with storage limits of 2GB to 100GB. Its eCommerce and Business plans start at 50GB, and its Business VIP plan comes with unlimited storage. If you need more space, you can upgrade to a higher tier.

Email Marketing

Wix’s customer management and email marketing tool, known as Ascend, is a separate component that can help you manage your sales and marketing efforts. It can be used to capture leads, nurture them, and increase traffic.

Wix’s email editor is drag-and-drop; if you’re not design-inclined, you can use one of its designer templates to create your own email. You can also automate drip campaigns and see the results of your marketing efforts with analytics.


There’s something for everyone at Wix. For businesses, it has everything they need, including marketing tools and templates, as well as apps that help them scale.

For individuals, its vast array of templates for portfolios, and blogging can help beginners take the next step towards digitizing their brand without using single line of code

For most people, the downsides are not deal breakers. For non-techy users, it’s a positive as it allows them to focus on running their websites rather than worrying about security issues or updates.

Along with being an exceptional website builder, it’s also a great eCommerce platform. Wix is very easy to get started with, so if you’re still not sure if it’s the right choice for you, we recommend giving it a try.

With wide range of features and price points, we believe Wix has established itself as one of the go-to website design platforms for business owners and designers of all experience levels.


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