Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Digital Marketing, is an ongoing craze

In a follow-up to our previous article“Digital Marketing, an Amazing Career Choice” we will dig a bit deeper and try to find out more about Digital Marketing as a career choice

Is it our best choice?

While having a worthy product is an essential part of starting a business, having a solid marketing strategy goes a long way in order to develop the brand successfully and in making the product last in the market for long-lasting times.

Every business owner needs that, right?

But it’s always a challenge to develop the right marketing strategy for a specific business. Many business owners find it difficult to make the appropriate “marketing” decision, even though it can significantly impact their return on investment.

The how-to’s of today’s business owners is understandable as there are multiple options and strategies that may work for their business and it’s very difficult to choose the right one. We all know that traditional marketing methods have proved to be effective but at the same time they are extremely expensive and usually, the customer reach is very limited.

Here is where Digital Marketing steps in. Besides many, many benefits, the three major advantages that I see are that with digital marketing the audience reach increases extensively from a few hundred to millions of potential customers.

Secondly, we can reach out to a specific audience that is actually interested in our products and services. And last but not the least, that all in a fraction of budget in comparison to traditional marketing.

Now, the business giants are using social media as their top strategy for marketing, for example, last year Sephora, the beauty brand partnered with Instagram to open a social storefront, complete with loyalty program integration. And, Nike has 33 million followers on its primary Facebook page, the brand published 60+ posts in one year and promoted more than 60% of them. In terms of content, Nike posted both videos and photos.

Digital Marketing tools and methods

In digital marketing, we use digital tools, platforms, and applications for marketing communications, which may include websites, social media channels, blogs, PPC campaigns, and search engine optimization.

To be honest, there are thousands of methods that can help in developing a successful marketing plan or strategy, but it all depends on the type of product and service, target audience, and budget involved. You may have an idea by now that where I am heading, right?

IT is the responsibility of the Digital Marketer or Marketer to develop the most effective strategy, involving the right tools, and platforms and at the same time keeping in mind the client’s budget. That makes the job of Digital Marketer very difficult, but amazingly interesting as well.

The job is difficult, brain-draining, time-consuming and yes, you are always on your toes. What if your strategy fails, or maybe you have to change your strategy in the middle of the campaign? Will you be reaching or achieving the right goals for the client? It’s day or night you are on it, sometimes you have to change the strategy multiple times. Some products and markets surprise you. And, sometimes you are expecting from Instagram but Twitter says yes :).

Some more benefits

Digital Marketing is amazing, but it only works if you have a passion for it. Otherwise, it will be way too hard and always surprise you with new challenges and hairpulling situations.

A good social media marketing strategy may help Businesses achieve extraordinary success by cultivating loyal brand advocates and helping in generating engagement and sales. And the most effective one, the email marketing! I have always found success in most of my campaigns where we are able to engage with potential clients and able to run email marketing campaigns. Such campaigns are way more personal in comparison to social media and really show positive results. But remember, no spamming at all!. Just stay true to yourself and your customers, that’s it.

There is no day and night in the marketer’s life, and trust me if you are one true marketer, you always be thinking about campaigns and strategies. You are watching an ad on TV and book you start criticizing the flaws in your mind. Or, the colors of the website, the font used, the ugly logo, or a stupid social media campaign. And then, to your surprise, the campaign that you were criticizing, becomes viral and gains enormous success. Now you can’t sleep thinking that what you are doing wrong?

Actually, the market is very tricky, it’s good that we reach a wide range of audiences but we are not aware that how many Archetypes we were reaching out to. So, understanding the tools, platforms, and applications will only cover the technical part. We gain real depth if we understand the old-school marketing methods and strategies, along with the digital marketing tools

How much money you will make?

Well, passion is good, but everyone needs money, right? that’s why the concept of work was established in the first place

So, it’s ironic, that as a Marketer, you may be helping businesses make huge amounts of profits on a daily basis, that can be from thousands to millions of dollars, and that all with your effective strategies and hard work and you will not be earning the fraction of that amount. Just remember, that you are in this for passion and at the initial level, it may not be that satisfying monetarily but later it does get better as you polish your skills


In the end, I would add that it’s hard, it’s time taking, and you may have very little time for yourself and your family, especially in the early years, but trust me t’s amazingly satisfying.

Lastly, the most important thing I that you keep on developing yourself by learning new skills and tools because in Digital Marketing, things are changing on daily basis and you must keep yourself up to date. Also, try to follow and review good ad campaigns, read books related to marketing and advertising, and don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas, no matter what.


No Brainer

No Brainer

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