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What is Webflow?

Webflow, a website builder and CMS hybrid, is a website builder with CMS characteristics.

You have complete control to design and build fully-responsive websites, while also being able to customize the mobile versions (unlike with most website builders).

You can make sitewide modifications directly in the visual editor, without needing to install any plugins. Webflow’s approach is similar to Wix Editor X, although we find it to be a bit more complex.

Webflow, key differences from WordPress

Webflow is different from other website builders in some key ways. Rather than targeting less technical individuals, Webflow targets designers with a product that is able to convert high-tech designs into fully functional websites with no coding required.

This is why Webflow has drawn comparisons to WordPress.

Webflow is a lot easier to use than WordPress, and much more intuitive. Furthermore, Webflow can host your website for you, saving you from using your websites with third-party web hosting providers.

Unlike WordPress, Webflow emphasizes customer support and offers a range of educational resources in Webflow University, including courses, video tutorials, articles, and a user forum, among others.

Webflow has several advantages over WordPress, among them being more creative freedom, better site security, and ease of use. That’s why we were curious to see if Webflow could rise to the challenge as longtime WordPress users.

Webflow is not your typical website builder. One of the many advantages of Webflow over WordPress is that it eliminates the need for designers to hand off website designs to developers.

It is therefore suitable for designers and advanced users who want to construct their own websites but want more design freedom.

If you’re an experienced designer or user who wants to create a website on your own, it’s the best choice.

Webflow is a great tool that combines CMS functions with those of other website builders—allowing for a large range of possibilities.

It may be beneficial for experienced users and professionals looking to leave WordPress for a simpler solution.

Pros and cons

In spite of the fact that it can be difficult to build a website, inexperienced users may be turned off by the quantity of work involved.


Webflow gives you full control over your website’s design—layouts, responsiveness, styling, and interactions—as well as the ability to embed your own HTML code and export your website’s code. You are never restricted! Serious stuff, indeed.

Webflow provides a lot of freedom to customize your site and access your code, making it well suited for creating websites for clients. You can even bill your clients through Webflow and add markup using the Account Plans.

Webflow University provides a lot of resources to help you gain a better understanding of the tool, there you can find amazing engaging videos that help your step-by-step journey while learning Webflow

Webflow is the only website builder that guarantees a very high uptime via its Service Level Agreement (SLA). That means they will provide you a full refund if they don’t live up to the promise

With Webflow you don’t need to install multiple plugins unless specific integrations or functionalities are required

You don’t need to worry about site speed and performance, as Webflow provided an amazing website hosting platform and manages site performance at their end

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires the most expensive tools and plugins in WordPress. However, in Webflow you don’t need any such expensive plugins. With Webflow, you can make precise SEO markup adjustments, indexing rules, redirects, and other settings—all without needing to rely on engineers for approval.

With fine-tuned SEO controls, high-performance hosting, and flexible content management, you can easily optimize your website in Webflow without using any external platform.


It needs your time and attention, having such a powerful and versatile tool requires some technical knowledge to be mastered. So, if you want to use Webflow, keep on learning and master yourself. The good thing is that there is plenty of learning material available at Webflow university and also on YouTube

There is no mobile app available, and it is not possible to edit your site through a mobile device.

It’s hard to move your website in the existing format and design to any other platform

Designing in Webflow

There are multiple ways to design your website in Webflow:

  1. You can design your website in Figma or Adobe XD and then design the same on Webflow
  2. You can start from scratch from the blank template
  3. There are multiple free and premium templates available that you can use
  4. A new option that Webflow has added is “Made in Webflow” where you can access and view many existing websites that were built in Webflow. Few of these websites allow you to clone their designs and that’s an amazing feature
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