Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes, I don’t have time for this!

And the day begins, looking at the gloomy sun behind the clouds. Standing on my bedroom terrace at 6 A.M in the morning, a cup of coffee in my hand and half-smoked Marlboro between my lips. What was the purpose of my life? Every day waking up, with the painful sound of the alarm, it became my daily routine to stand on my balcony looking at the sun, sipping coffee, and inhaling Carbon Monoxide with lots of other healthy ingredients. Every before sleeping, the last thought, is that I will not live my life like this anymore, I will change everything and take things in control, but here I am standing in the same situation as every day

Hi, I am Black, that’s not my name, but that’s how my heart feels from inside, hey, nothing racist about this, this is just how I feel. Nothing special about me, just an ordinary, everyday, 9-to-5 guy. For some people, working 9 to 5 is a relief and for some, it’s a blessing. For me, it was constant misery. It’s not that I am special or different, it’s just how I am. I am a complainer, but not doing anything about it kind of person. I am the one who stares, envies, hates, blames, and then feels sorry for myself.

The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a dangerous thing, it’s safe, but it’s dangerous. Strange isn’t it?

Well, It’s like a mama bird keeps its children under its wings for life, they never learn to fly or hunt. They stay safe for a while but never learn to live.

It’s easy to blame people, life, or for that matter luck or God for your failure, and not getting what you wanted to, but in the end, you would learn that it was all you

Hi, it’s me again

So, it was lunch break at my office and I was heading to the paper stall under my office building, This time it will work, somehow I knew it, paperboy was sitting on the stool half-sleeping, I shooked him and asked for 10 lottery tickets, yes! this time I was trying my luck with 10 lottery tickets. I took the tickets from him, paid him a USD 100 bill, and with a smile on my face, turned on my heels, stepping happily towards my office lift.

That night was amazing, for two to three hours, I dreamt or thought about winning, buying an amazing mansion in the middle of the city, a big luxurious car, and my own business. Maybe I’ll be able to buy a boat as well or travel around the world.


I like to listen to motivational quotes and speeches, they keep me geared up, make me feel that I am doing something productive, even If I am not. And then the guy in the video said, nothing changes if nothing changes, that was stupid right? so I shut him down. The only thing that actually motivates me was something happening amazingly by means of magic, Aladdin’s Genie, luck, or Godly help, a golden hand of God. Sometimes, I read religion too, I tried to find reasons for my lameness and being useless to myself.

IF IT’S IN YOUR LUCK, YOU WILL GET IT!!! Man!! then why try?

Maybe I do a lot of effort for something and what if I don’t get the anticipated results, then what’s the use for paining myself that I am already not sure about. Confidence is shit, it just ruins your negativity.

Money is Important

Money is very important, but why do I have to work so hard for it? Why I can’t be someone who gets the easy money or inherits a fortune? Why it always has to be so hard for people like us? This is the question always ringing in my ears, but still, I was inclined towards a change without making any change

You will get what’s meant for you

You must have heard of this term a million times, “You will get what’s meant for you”. It’s very motivating, but in actuality, we have taken it all wrong


Imagine that you are a fish in a river. You don’t know where the river leads and you don’t really care. You just want to stay in your little ‘river pool’.

But then you meet another fish, who tells you that the river leads to the ocean. So you decide to make the long journey in search of freedom, which you will never know if you don’t try.

Virtually every day of your life, you make decisions that lead to either growth or stagnation. The goal is to make those decisions that will lead to the growth you want, and to the life you want, not just for yourself.

If you are like many people, you have a very distorted view of what is possible for you, if you are willing to make the necessary changes in perspective.

We tend to think that things we have don’t need to change and that things only need to change when we are ready to make them happen. An example of this is that most people believe that they have to wait until the universe calls them before they can get started on the next step of their journey.

They think it’s someone else’s turn. Or that things just have to happen to them — that they have no control over their lives. The truth is that you already have everything it takes within you to make your life better. You just need to be willing to work for it and to make the necessary changes in your routine to lead a more fulfilling life.

Final Thoughts

Above is the story and mindset of more than 90% of us. We need a positive change in our lives, we need things to move our way, to live the life we want, we love. Is it possible to get where we want by just thinking about it, by just considering that if it’s in our fate we will definitely get it?

We have two choices in life, either to flow where the water takes us or to swim against the waves to reach where we want and to get what we want.

The second choice is always the difficult one, there would be a lot of obstacles, pain, hard word, and struggle. You may fail many times, fall on your knees, get frustrated, lose hope, or break down. But the one who gets up and moves forward wins in the end

The only winning plan is, “No matter what, NEVER GIVE UP!”

to get to the life you desire requires a painful journey, but trust me it’s worth it!

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No Brainer

No Brainer

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