Hectic day in the life of a Professional Marketer

Hectic day in the life of a Professional Marketer

Hectic day in the life of a Professional Marketer


It’s 11 o’clock in the evening and I am sitting in front of my Laptop looking at today’s analytics of an ongoing campaign. Very few people were left in the office, well actually myself and Tod, the janitor.

There is no noise around me, just “Break on through to the other side, by Door’s” playing on Spotify, and a slight screaming of police sirens from down the road.

A lot of things going through my mind, like, why the analytics are not as we anticipated, was the social media campaign was a bit weak or if something went wrong with the content.

Maybe the budget of the campaign will go higher, the client will be furious, what will Snuffy, my dog, be doing? I bought the groceries, right? and paid my bill this morning for the Wifi, it was the last date. But, what should I do about this freaking campaign, nevermind, I’ll discuss this with James, my supervisor, in the morning.

I should leave for home now it’s already past 11 in the evening, and Snuffy must be gone crazy by now. OK, let’s shut everything down.

I just left the half cup of coffee that was already gone cold, switched off my laptop, and grabbed my stuff. My half-eaten sandwich was staring at me from the lunch box, well, I smiled back at it and left the room.

My car was in the garage for a few days so I decided to walk home, which was a few blocks away. It was quite windy and cold but I liked the fresh air touching my face after long hours in my box.

While walking, I saw a few teenagers chatting beside the road, maybe they were coming from a party, or going? Few people were eating in restaurants, even though it was too late.

As I was walking, a few thoughts started piling my mind, about campaigns, new proposals, ideas, believe me, I love marketing, but at that time I shooked my head. I needed to get a life, I needed to organize myself and do something for myself.

It can’t go on like this, I must switch myself off, as soon as I leave the office

As a professional marketer, I have loads of responsibilities and two pages of a to-do list. But, I need to have a life as well and spend ME time doing something else

So at that very spot, I made a promise to myself that from tomorrow, I will wake up early in the morning, take Snuffy out for a walk, have a healthy breakfast, and leave for the office.

Most important was that from tomorrow I will leave the office at the normal closing time, around 6 in the evening, and will stop by at my sister’s place for some time, I have hundreds of her missed calls lying undeleted on my phone.

Then I will go home, order some amazing food and enjoy some cozy time with my pal Snuffy. But, I feel, that I am getting a bit fat, so, maybe I’ll hit the gym for an hour or so, Yeah!! that can be a good idea

Finally, I reached home, Snuffy was excited to see me, as always, wagging his tail and running through my legs. I gave him some snacks to eat and just crashed still trying to motivate myself for the next day


I was about to hit the snooze button when my eyeballs caught the time, I was already late for the client meeting.

So, I jumped from the bed and headed to the washroom, just freshened up in a few minutes, and threw some snacks for Snuffy, who was actually hoping for a long walk in the morning but I reluctantly ignored him.

I almost ran out of the house, my brain rambling, a bit freaked, the healthy breakfast, morning walk, I had to reach the office half an hour before, but anyways I was finally there

I headed towards the meeting room where the client was sitting with my supervisor, and I could see James staring at me as a hungry lion looks at a shivering deer

Switching on my laptop, I displayed the presentation on the big screen in front. I explained all the bits and pieces about the campaign from expected outcomes to Analytics to goals.

My brain was storming with so many things, work, ideas, progress, techniques, budget, media, My sister, Snuffy, Life, ME!

The good news, we won the contract, I was confident, don’t worry, I am a superb Marketer and I am very good at my job, It’s a life where I suck

If you had worked as a professional marketer in a mid-range marketing company, you must have the idea that you are the only marketing guy there. So, in the same way, I was responsible for everything related to marketing

Presenting the campaign idea to a client and winning the contract was just a jump start. Then there were a lot of other things to look after as well. Like, Social Media Campaigns, content designing, Email Marketing Strategy, Website designing, and a lot more ……….

I just grabbed a cup of black coffee, ’cause I was still feeling a bit sleepy, and after all, I needed a healthy breakfast and headed for the brain-crunching meeting with the creative team.

This is the part of my job that I really love but usually, after such meetings, you feel that your brain is totally drained

Finally, after 4 hours of brainstorming and hair-pulling, we finally were able to design a proper marketing step-by-step plan

Then I came back to my desk and cleaned the last day’s mess. Now, I had to email all the stakeholders involved in the project, regarding all the details of the campaign. This is the part of my job that I really hate.

In the meantime, the other client entered our office, remember the one who will soon be lightning struck by the news that his campaign needs a higher budget than anticipated.

Well, we had to listen to some of his shouting, grudges, and bad-mouthing, but finally were able to get what we wanted. A HIGHER BUDGET. I told you, I am good at my job. I am a good marketer 🙂

Finally, around 6, I got the chance to grab a bite, it was a dry veggie sandwich, not good at all, but felt very satisfying considering the fire burning inside my stomach, naturally, it needed some.

Now I am relaxed, we won the contract, designed and implemented the complete campaign idea, and that all in just one day. Now I have a few hours to look at the status and analytics of my already running campaigns and coordinate the same with my team

A sigh, a deep breath, I am done, it seems like it’s raining outside, slight police sirens emerging from the streets, while Spotify was playing “I want to Break Free, by Queen”.

I thought to myself, Snuffy must be missing me, it’s already past 11 in the evening. But from tomorrow, I will change things, I need to organize myself.

I switched off my laptop and came out of the office. The rain was dripping but It felt good walking in the rain

I was thinking about my sister, Snuffy, and at the same time, I was looking at a slogan, a very cool Ad for an Automobile company.

One of our clients is from the Automobile industry, suddenly something struck my mind and an amazing campaign idea started building up and I thought that maybe I’ll go home, grab a cup of coffee and spend some time on my laptop.

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