Devastation and Adversities of life after the pandemic

Devastation & Adversities of life after the pandemic

Pandemic and its effects on our society

Hiring, Firing, Lay Offs, and Career change, the life after the pandemic, I guess not one of us can say that our lives are not affected because of the pandemic. Actually, some of us suffered more than others as we lost our loved ones, friends, and family members.

For others, there is a loss of employment, businesses, and other opportunities

So where are we now? The situation is not over yet, it’s still going on and the whole world is suffering from the atrocities of the violent enemy

What will be the situation when the pandemic completely goes away?

We are observing the ongoing financial and business crisis but the real economic decline is about to come

This can be one of the biggest disasters the new world was struck with

Who could have thought that in the 21st century such a virus could cause this magnitude of destruction?

All the latest technology and science failed and humanity suffered and is suffering every day

Courage and fighting the enemy

Well this sounds like a depressing post but it’s not

The reason is that in these tough times we were able to experience the courage and real color of humanity

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are fighting the pandemic on the front lines keeping their lives in danger as they are in direct contact with the patients. They worked day and night without a break to save humanity from this brutal killer

Scientists worked hard in almost every country and their efforts resulted in the urgent supply of vaccines throughout the world. Although the 3rd world is still suffering a lot still it’s a positive start

Employment and business loss

Let’s talk about the employment status a bit, another painful and darker side of life after the pandemic

Working from home can be a blessing sometimes but in normal circumstances. But in this situation, it felt like one was locked in a cage. The sounds of alarms after mid-evening tell us that we can no more go out. It was difficult

Many people suddenly lost their jobs. For some, it was manageable as they have stable financial backgrounds. But most of them were left hanging nowhere. They have bills to pay and family to feed but no work at all

It was most difficult for people who were working overseas, I was also one of them

Never Give up

At the same time, I had the opportunity to meet a few people, who lost their jobs or businesses but accepted the situation and were standing strong. It was not easy for them like everyone but one needs to be strong and determined to face the storm. I know it was scary, it was hard but the ones who came out were much stronger than before

Life after the Pandemic – Example #1

One of them was a guy I met with reference to one of my friends. Let’s call him Mr. A as I don’t want to disclose his name without his permission. So, Mr. A was a banker for almost 30 years but lost his job during the pandemic situation.

He was living in UAE with his family but due to the situation, he moved his family back to his home country like many of us. But what inspired me was that after living a lavish lifestyle Mr. A moved to shared accommodation and started learning to code (Computer Programming).

This is what he told me, he was never a computer expert or engineer, but he started learning it because he was not ready to give up. When I met him, he showed me his project which was a fully functional banking module.

Believe me, this was not simple, even an expert programmer will bite his teeth creating such an application. Mr. A, since was not experienced in this field, gave his application to one designer for designing the layout. And guess what, he stole the idea and vanished.

Despite this fact, Mr. A kept on working on his project and added so many advancements that it turned out to be an excellent product. And now he is ready to market this product in the market.

It’s affirmative that he will succeed in his venture, not only because the product is very good but because of his determination and hunger. He was not ready to give up.

Life after the Pandemic – Example #2

One of my friends was running a small restaurant that was doing well before the pandemic. But during the crisis situation, his business totally collapsed.

For a few weeks, he tried to push it through but nothing positive happened. It was very easy for him to sell everything, bear the loss and just wait for good times to come.

Instead, he used his restaurant space as a warehouse and started importing facemasks. This strategy boomed his business at a new level and now he is very stable and doing well. Maybe he will again start his restaurant in a few weeks. He was not ready to give up.

The new challenges and rituals

At the same time, it was observed that many people were moving towards online businesses and trying to learn online skills. As it was thought that the future is in Digital and online business models, which is somewhat true.

You may check out our article “Making Money Online” or “Selling Digital Products Online

The market is now saturated with people providing e-commerce, digital marketing, and social media marketing services. But what needs to be analyzed that will the quality of work will be compromised?

At the same time, I believe that many people have given their flesh and blood to learning new things and switching from traditional jobs and business to a new digital model. Such people who have the hunger and dedication to take such a stride are applaudable

Now again as the market is opening and people are looking for new job opportunities with their newly learned skills, they are finding it difficult to find the opportunities due to lack of experience, because as we know for every job the years of experience matter, it’s true if we are looking from organizations perspective.

Only question is that what should the people do? the ones who learned new skills at the later stage of their lives? Who were courageous enough to take the next step, out of their comfort zones. Sacrificed their free time and comfort in order to start a new journey

Life after the pandemic and for that matter after any such catastrophe cannot be easy. However, the best thing that anyone can do for themselves, is to develop their own online business or presence.

This can be very small and maybe at a very beginner’s level but start building it.

The concerns of the organizations are understandable, hiring is very difficult at this time, mostly we hear about layoffs and firing only.

But I still think that after what the world has gone through, they should consider such people who have made an effort in these difficult times and never gave up.

If they had the guts to learn something new and totally transform their careers in a completely new direction, they may be able to take your company to new heights

Test them, try them but give them a chance. This is how every organization can help in the current situation, try to accommodate, understand and create opportunities

Devastation and Adversities of life after the pandemic were huge. However, must understand that the people who never gave up are the real heroes, they just need and deserve a second chance to rise up again

Let me know what you think about the challenges of life after the pandemic. how much is it changed for you and are you doing the same job or business that you were doing before the pandemic?

Just a few tips, if you are thinking about starting something online, we have described multiple methods and ways to do that in our posts. You can also simply go to Google or Youtube and search for any specific online skills that you can learn, or find any topics of your interest.

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