How the Instagram algorithm works in 2022 and how you can beat it?

Social media marketing has no such thing as a free lunch. Every single piece of content we produce needs to work for us. If it doesn’t, it won’t matter how much money we spend making it.

This is especially true of Instagram, where the algorithm changes constantly. Several versions of the algorithm, including one that determines what appears in the Explore tab.

Changes to the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

To give app users worldwide the most incredible experience, Instagram is continually tweaking its algorithm. Here are all the significant new Instagram algorithm updates that have occurred thus far in 2022:

  • A new iteration of the “chronological feed” that offers “Following” and “Favorite” Home feed views to offer more individualized experiences (with less algorithmically suggested content)
  • More content suggestions in the standard Instagram Home feed view (favoring Instagram Reels in particular)
  • Original content will be given priority (i.e., the algorithm will prioritize content that hasn’t already been published on the app)
  • Content with obvious watermarks from other apps gets deprioritized,
  • Increasing content classification based on keywords and content, Instagram’s algorithms are improving at determining what an image or video is about.

So, how do we beat the algorithm in 2022? In this blog, we will figure out multiple ways to beat it. Before we begin, let’s first learn about the three critical points on which the Instagram algorithm works:

  • Who: Whose posts are you responding to? You’re more likely to see someone’s posts in your feed if you frequently like or comment on their stuff.
  • What: What kind of content are you interested in? For instance, the algorithm will continue to serve you articles related to beauty if you enjoy it.
  • When: This focuses on the posting date to determine whether a post is relevant to you. Choosing what to prioritize also considers how frequently you navigate through the app. The algorithm prioritizes posts most relevant to what you’ve been looking at recently.

In addition to the algorithmic changes, Instagram has introduced numerous features to help people navigate the app better. For example, Stories now allow you to reorder your stories based on the date posted quickly.

You can even add additional filters to make your account look more professional.

The Instagram algorithm works differently depending on where you are within the app. For example, you’ll see fewer ads and videos in your feed while stories and other visual content are prioritized.

You might even see fewer of your friends’ posts because they’ve been promoted out of your meal.

But what about the future? What does the Instagram algorithm look like in 2022?

In her post, social media strategist Laurie McMillan breaks down some common myths about how the Instagram algorithm works:

  • “People think the algorithm is based on likes and comments,” she writes. “That isn’t true.” Instead, the algorithm looks at who you interact with most often.
  • “People think people with lots of followers get more visibility,” says McMillan. “That’s not true either.”
  • “People think that the algorithm favors celebrities over regular people,” she continues. “Not true.”
  • Finally, “people think the algorithm favors brands over individuals,” says McMillan, adding that this is also false.

In her post, Laurie explains how she sees Instagram changing in the future. She predicts that the algorithm will continue to favor visual content, such as photos, videos, and GIFs.

But she also notes that the algorithm could change again, depending on what the next generation of Instagrammers wants.

Be relevant

In the early days of social media, the goal was to connect with friends and family. Nowadays, brands are looking for ways to engage with consumers beyond the confines of Facebook and Twitter.

This shift has led to a fundamental change in how we interact online. As a result, the way we consume information has changed too. Today, we seek content that makes us feel something, whether positive or negative.

Create compelling visuals

Instagram is about sharing moments, and visual content works better than text. Not only does it make your posts more engaging and sharable, but it’ll also boost your profile in terms of visibility.

Focus on quality over quantity

With so many accounts vying for attention, there’s no room for spammy or low-quality content. Quality wins every time. Keep your images high resolution, avoid filters, and consider posting less frequently.

Be Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes that many accounts make is posting too much. You don’t want to post three times a week because that looks spammy. But you also don’t want to post once a month because that doesn’t seem enough. Find the balance where you feel comfortable posting consistently.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Up To Date

This one goes hand-in-hand with consistency. You might be slipping down the list if you haven’t updated your profile in a while. This is especially important if you’re trying to reach a large audience.


If you haven’t noticed already, posts with hashtags tend to perform better, and those without tags often don’t. This is especially true on Instagram Stories. In fact, according to Instagram, the average post receives ten times more engagement when it includes a hashtag.

So why the sudden shift? It appears that Instagram wants to ensure that hashtagging isn’t just a fad; instead, it’s something that’s here to stay. Because of that, the company has been working hard to ensure that hashtags work.

For example, Instagram recently implemented a feature called “Relevance,” which aims to provide relevant information based on the location where someone searches.

Follow trends

Furthermore, generating trendy content is an excellent method to win over the algorithm! In other words, whenever a new Instagram trend emerges, you can bet that most IG users follow it.

After all, that is the reason it is popular.

The algorithm takes your content and sends it to viewers who are already engaging with the trend when you recreate the sensations in your unique way.

Put your name into the hat, and that’s all there is to it! When it comes to trends, the key is to react quickly.

Trends may bring thousands of fresh viewers to your content!

Enjoyable stories

Look for ways to engage your audience with your stories. For instance, utilize polls, amusing gifs, and “questions” stickers to engage your audience.

Videos can be added to Instagram Stories as well.

Your Content Should Be Shareable

Making your material simple to spread across several platforms is what we mean when we say something is “shareable.” Creating Reels, for instance, and sharing them on TikTok is a beautiful idea for gaining Instagram influence.

In addition to Reels, additional tools like the “Add Yours” Story sticker can help you encourage others to share your material.

Post Carousels Rather Than Just One Picture

Remember that the Instagram algorithm benefits us since we want our followers to spend more time looking at what we post. Our followers automatically spend more time viewing a carousel when we post it.

Additionally, they tend to be more interesting.

Create quality captions

To entice users to spend more time on your posts and defeat the Instagram algorithm in 2022, write captions they want to read. The term “micro blogging” fits.

Micro blog Instagram captions are, to put it briefly when you write an Instagram caption that informs your audience about a particular issue. This adds interest to captions!

Comment response

We must interact if we wish to defeat the Instagram algorithm in 2022. People who follow you want to talk to you.

Get Involved with the Accounts You Follow

Although interacting with accounts you follow won’t help you, it’s still a good idea to use the app frequently and engage with other users.

There is no required minimum for the number of accounts you must comment on, although excessive commenting will appear spammy. If you enjoy a piece of content, feel free to remark; if not, move on.

Work Together with Other Artists

Connecting with others is one of the quickest methods to get through the new Instagram algorithm and gain exposure to new followers. Being social will help you because Instagram is a social network.

Most crucially, given how 2020 turned out, people yearn for interaction via screens. Try collaborating with other artists and looking for opportunities to split your audiences!

With the new Instagram Collab Post function, this is even simpler.

Observe the rules of the community.

Instagram’s algorithms reduce the exposure of content that violates the app’s Community Guidelines, whether you upload it to the Feed, Reels, or Stories.

You can notice that your content is less extensively shared if you share false information, posts with a liberal viewpoint, potentially distressing or sensitive material, or even plain low-resolution media.

Check Your Feed Out

A color-coded Feed, in our opinion, promotes interaction.

Having a consistent style across your Instagram account might help you achieve your goal of having your followers identify and appreciate your work.

Read Up on Opinions

You must provide high-quality content and keep track of what your followers find engaging if you want to succeed on Instagram. Utilizing Instagram Insights to see how followers interact with your page is crucial to providing high-quality content.

Of course, you should emphasize your valuable insights in your media kit when you have them (for brand deals).

Don’t delete and republish content on Instagram.

Last but not least, while deleting and reposting on Instagram won’t harm your account in the long run, it’s a waste of time. Simply put, move on if a piece of material doesn’t work for you.

You might be able to archive it and upload it later, but publishing new information frequently is preferable.

How Instagram’s Algorithm Operates in 2022 for Personal, Business, and Creator Accounts

There have been speculations that the Instagram algorithm favors corporate accounts over other types of profiles.

However, it may now be put to rest since Instagram acknowledged that all account types are handled equally regarding the algorithms in a series of Stories on the creator’s account.

Therefore, whether you have a personal, creator, or corporate account will not affect how the Instagram algorithm ranks your material.

The ability to Auto Publish your posts with Later is one of the benefits of moving to an Instagram business account, though.


What is the most fantastic strategy for taking advantage of Instagram’s algorithm? The algorithm will cover the rest if you know your topic and provide interesting material.

The most effective technique to “hack” the Instagram algorithm is to be consistent and develop genuine relationships with your followers. This will also do wonders for your brand.

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